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Category - Coin History

Ancient Greek Coins

Coin History

This is an example of the most famous ancient coin of the Greek Empire. Available at Coops Coins. This ancient coin from Athens was made in 400 B.C. For some perspective, that’s more than 8.7 million days ago.…

Jenny Lind – The Swedish Nightingale

Coin History

If you haven’t seen the movie “The Greatest Showman,” make sure you don’t miss out! This beautiful movie captures aspects of P.T. Barnum’s fascinating life, including his partnership with Jenny Lind – The Swedish Nightingale. Barnum met Jenny…

Here’s How We Tell If Your Nickel Is Worth A Lot More Than Five Cents

Coin History

By Coops Coins   What makes American coins valuable? Supply and demand. That’s the end of my article.   OK, there are factors that affect it, but it all comes down to how many there are and how…

Gobrecht Dollar

Coin History

Recently, you may have seen our post on Facebook about our newly acquired Gobrecht Dollar. If not, here is a bit of information about it: To understand its story you need to step back to 1803 when the government…